Metal Build ガンダム エクシア リペア Gundam Exia Repair

ガンダム00 2ndシースン第1話、わずか数分しか登場しないエクシアリペア。半分壊した頭、折られたGNソード、そして左手なくしマントを被っている。1話で満身創痍のガンダムで戦うなんて、まさに前代未聞です。ボロボロの機体なのに4度目商品化されました。エクシアリペアの人気は凄いですね。一番新しいのはこのメタルビルドです。
Exia Repair made its appreance in Gundam 00 2nd season episode 1 for just a minute, with its broken head and GN sword, and the missing left arm covered with cape. Piloting a half-broken Gundam in episode 1 was actually an shocking impact, and yet its proved to be one of the most popular broken Gundam because of the figures and models being released in different formats. The Metal Build Exia Repair is the latest product.

With Normal version Exia. (Exia’s photo here)
I thought it was just a color variation with a little new parts, but I am wrong. Except for its inner frame, the armor parts are all newly sculpted.

Presentation of damage looks great, and so are the markings.

The coloring and sculpting of cape looks complicated. Position could be adjusted with poses because it come in 2 separated pieces.

The broken GN sword looks painful.

Bonus parts comes with Exia Repair’s package could be used on the normal version of Exia for R2 form which appeared in the last episode of 00 2nd season.

The design of Exia Repair 2 looks neat and tidy. It also comes with an opened GN drive.

Some action poses. Movability are roughtly the same as original Exia.

以上、メタルビルド エクシアリペアでした。
Exia Repair looks “shibui”. I hate Gundam 00’s mechanic design at first sight, but began to change my mind after watching several episodes. Metal build series are known for its high price but good quality. I really hope the quality of this product line could remain stable, or even better in the future.
So the next one might be Trans-am ver?
Thats all for the Metal build Exia Repair.

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  1. Oh wow, you got the damaged version as well… nice… this has been a very hard to get a hold of item for overseas, since all online shops orders were filled within secs. the pre-order is open. The parts and decal on this sure looks great. I at first thought it would have been just a recast with some altered parts as well… Once again, thanks for sharing some great pictures of new products with us Yui-san ^^

    • Thanks Otakusan!!! Exia repar is really a nice piece to own. Recently Bandai products (esp for Macross & Saint Seiya) are really hard to pre-order. Some shops cut order within an hour or two. Its really crazy that I started to prefer those hot product being released as “Tamashii Web limited” instead of normal retail, just because its easier to pre-order there … orz

      btw, it seems that MB Exia Repair is restocked at a miami and elsewhere at a favorable price right now XD

  2. The appearance of Exia Repair does leave quite an impression to viewers – damaged and worn down, but with fiery red eye and a cloak to hide its lost left arm.

    The big jewel chest does look like enlarged version of Bomberman! XD Nonetheless this Exia does look nice, with some weathering and deliberate chipping on markings. Good to see that a lot of parts are made anew to make them different from normal Exia~

    • Thanks Q!
      I just wonder if there are any possibilities for Metal Build or GFFMC, or whatever series could release other damaged ver. Gundams, e.g. the last shooting, or the Wing Zero EW. It would be nice to have one or two XD