RGガンダム/シャア専用ザク Gundam Docks at Hong Kong ver.

7月にGundam Docks at Hong Kongで購入したガンプラ〜RGガンダム・RGシャア専用ザク、やっと完成しました。実はシャア専用ザクを作るのは今回で初めてです!いつもガンダム系のを作ったけど、ザク系のガンプラは逆に新鮮です。
Just finished the RG Gundam and Char’s Zaku which I bought from the Gundam Docks at Hong Kong in late July. Nearly all of my Gunpla are Gundam-type, and this is my first Char’s Zaku Gunpla.

The kit comes in multi-colors which doesn’t require much painting, and I just painted those panel lines and applied a layer of top-coat. At 1/144 scale, the sticker comes with the kit seems too thick and the edges are quite visible and odd, hence I bought water transfer decals for it… a hundred of decals made did require a lot of works ^^;

Except for the stand and sticker with event logo, basically they are the same as normal RG Gundam and Char’s Zaku.

Well, just shoot something like the event setting (impossible to make 1/144 Time’s Square ^^;)

It might be boring to keep them standing straight, hence I did some poses that I wish to made before.

“Let me teach you the specification of MS didn’t affect much on the combat against pilot like me!”

Though there are a lot of decals and the parts are small, It was fun to make an RG model.
Its also nice for Bandai to make limited models for overseas event.

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  1. Your RG Gundam and Char’s Zaku look very well made! It’s nice of them to make overseas event variations for the Gunpla. Nice reenacting on the scenes, and I love the effects!