RGゼータ3号機 Zeta Gundam-3

This is the Zeta Gundam-3 from the Gundam 0087 Green Divers. The MS was supposed to be piloted by Amuro Ray, though it haven’t been mentioned clearly in the story. Well, Gunpla started to be appeared as web shop exclusive for a while, but I didn’t expect popular machines like Z3 to be released limited edition…well.

The price of this RG almost doubles the normal version…Its Amuro’s Z3, and I like the design of decal and its color.

外観は普通のゼータとまったく同じですけど、色構成や生産の都合よりランナー数も約2倍になりました。MGみたいなデカい箱が届いた時、本当にビックリしました^^; 色違いの余パーツがたくさん残って、もったいないです…
The foam is exactly the same as the normal Zeta. However, number of parts almost doubles because of color separation and other production issues. I was surprised and even wonder if it was really an MG instead. Its a little wasteful for a number of parts in different colors being left.

Wave-rider form. Zeta could be transformed into this form without taking of any parts(except for the shield). Perfect transformation, nice proportion in 2 forms, and complete color separation in such a small-scale (1:144). Bandai really did a great job here.

However, complicated model with transformation structures may scarifies the strength of the parts… especially for joints between legs and body. I hope Bandai will improve it in the future. And, by the way, where is Zeta’s Hyper Mega Launcher?!
Thats all for the RG Zeta Gundam-3.

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  1. oh wow, you completed it.. looks very good ^^ dispite the many complants that this RG kit will disassemble on it’s own upon transformation, it still looks very nicely done ^^

    • Thanks Otakusan!
      The wing and legs disassembled while transformed… and I think I won’t do it again after taking photos XD