Metal Build ガンダム エクシア Gundam Exia

バンダイよりMetal Build第3弾のエクシアです。Metal Buildシーリズはたくさんのガンダムの完成品の中に値段の高い部類ですけど、しっかり作り込んで価格に相応しい商品だと思います。なによりエクシアはかなり気に入った機体なので、迷わず予約で買いました。
The 3rd Gundam from Bandai Metal Build series – Gundam Exia. When comparing to other finished products of Gundam, Metal Build series are relative expensive. However, the quality does match with the price and are designed and made nicely. Since it is Exia which I like so much, I preordered as early as it have been announced.

It have perfect proportion and movability. All custom marking are nicely printed, and come with a full set of weapons (as usual), and It also be able to change into Exia Repair III by swapping its armor.

I haven’t read Gundam 00v side story, just take a few pic for the R3.

The parts are printed with GN001R3 marking.

なぜがTV版Season 2最終話のエクシアリペアIIではなくリペアIIIなのかな。
Why it doesn’t come with parts for Repair 1 and Repair 2 in TV series season 2, but Repair 3 that not commonly seen?
I like repair 1 which have damages on the whole body. Maybe it would comes as limited items from Tamashii web store?

By swapping left and right shoulder armor with the help of some parts for Repair 2, it could hardly transformed into Repair 2. I am just regretting that I haven’t bought GFFMC 0-Gundam.

trans-am ver.、期待します。バンダイのことだから絶対に(限定版)出ると信じています^^;
I bet trans-am ver. must be coming. Its Bandai, and it should be released as a limited item ^^;

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  1. うん、うん、こっていますね。ゆいさんのメカ好きの情熱がビンビン伝わってきます。:D

    • アンデイさんありがとうございます!いつも「萌え」系フィギュアを買って、たまには「燃え」系のフィギュアもいいですね。

  2. Great pictures~ It’s surprising how the alternate equipment for Exia is that of R3 instead of R1, R2, or even the Avalanche. Nevertheless it’s am interesting choice as it never appeared in any other forms before.

    Apparently Exia R3 is used in a war after the ELS war from the movie, where older undeveloped humans come in conflict with the newly emerging humans-turning-Innovators… At least that’s what I read from the Gundam wikia :o

    • Thanks Q. So it is not Setsuna who pilot Exia R3, rite? There are much room for the Gundam 00 timeline, and its good to have such stories XD