SDガンダムBB戦士〜サザビー SD Gundam BB Senshi〜Sazabi

Here comes the metallic ver of no.382, Sazabi from “Mobile Suit Gundam Char’s Counterattack. I am surprised by the series number – it is almost 400 now, while the last BB Senshi I built was no.100 – Sennari Daishogun, released in 1992(ノД`)… perhaps I’m getting old..

I like to build metallic version. It doesn’t require much time for building and painting but the result is satisfactory. Of course building Gunpla does have a lot of fun, but I just can’t spare much time for that ^^;

The red plating comes in 2 types of red color, and the color separations are almost perfect. Comparing with BB Senshi years ago, it is bigger in size, with redesigned look and proportion, which makes it looks smart even it is a SD. (SD means Super-Deformated, but not Super Dollfie here)

I bought aluminum camera eyes and WAVE’s H eyes set from Volks, and applied them on Sazabi.

Some random shoots. I didn’t expect much for the joints and movement, but it could have made some poses.

The “rival” is absent.. maybe I should buy Nu Gundam…

Seems that recently there are a lot of new stuffs for Char’s Counterattack… would there be something coming soon?
Thats all for the SD Gundam BB Senshi Sazabi, 22 years after my last BB Senshi.
May get another one later on.

SDガンダムBB戦士〜サザビー SD Gundam BB Senshi〜Sazabi」への4件のフィードバック

  1. This is a nice BB Senshi, I can’t believe the funnels open, the metalic paint is very nice too, adds more “feel” to Sazabi. As for getting old, I remember watching the last episode of 0079 on TV in a hotel when my father took me to Tokyo with him on his business trip way back than XD

    • Thanks Otakusan!
      I do hope that the funnels could be opened and closed, but there were 2 bunches of funnels for packing in the backpacks, and 6 opened funnels with a effect part for display.
      Hope the MG Sazabi ver. Ka. also get metallic treatment later on, and perhaps I will get it depends on display space availability ^^;

      Wow! It must be a great memory to watch “last shooting” in real time on TV. (we are more or less being the same generation XD)

  2. That truly is a long gap between your two SD Gunpla builds ^^;

    The metallic colour really looks nice. Didn’t expect the kit to have two colours of red. Sazabi looks just as fierce in its SD form~

    • Thanks Q. It seems that I have to find another place for displaying BB Senshi from now on… My next target would be Nu and Hi-Nu if there are Metallic editions :D